Mental health and relaxation

If you want a reason for why perhaps mental health problems among individuals in society are on the rise you could probably look towards how things are in your daily life. We are told how things seem to be improving and bombarded with illusions such as the work-life balance, pursuing your passions and other generalisations, yet many young working adults will report a disconnect between what they expect and what the reality is – which is the source of mental deterioration.

If you are told and expect to work hard so you can afford to buy your own home, for example, but then realise your income in no ways allows you to buy a place to live in, what can you do? It is a source of frustration, and played over in your head many times, the unreason will tip you over the edge.

Is there any reason why men seem to be suicidal in their thirties and forties? The illusion society gives us is of happy two-children families, yet very young children are difficult to look after, because they require a lot of our energy but do not give back much yet. Men have to work harder then they have in order to feed a growing family, work longer hours, and when they get home, tired after a long shift, they realise that their time at (hard) work was actually their time of relaxation, because the family demands their energy. No way will they be able to slouch on the settee and watch Match of the Day drinking a beer when two children are climbing around them. And when they have gone to bed, the missus complains that he spends only a short period of time of the day around with them, much of it is spent playing with them, that is his now his time to do the housework or give her some adult conversation.

One can only surmise that this mental disconnect causes us to mentally deteriorate. Exacerbated over time, this can result in mental health problems. It has been suggested that musicians who spend a lot of time espousing aesthetic ideals while having their music accepted by the mainstream go slightly bonkers – there is a list of musicians with great ideas but slightly batty, such as Stravinsky who displayed rather erratic behaviour. Read it and see what you think!

And what might be a cure for such a disconnect? Simply reconnect. Get away from it all, away from the hustle and daily routine and take time to reconnect with nature, your spirit and your life. There is no other place to do this than St Ives, where you can enjoy the calm of the sea, experience good weather overall and meet great people.